The Old Drava presented at the Info Day of Program LIFE in Zagreb


Info Day of the LIFE program was held in Croatia In Zagreb on March 21st, organized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the National Contact Point for the LIFE program.

With the introduction of the new programming period for the application of the LIFE projects, there are presented a total of 7 LIFE projects implemented through various sub-programs and partnerships on Croatian territory. As a public institution for the management of protected parts of nature and ecological network of Virovitica Podravina county participates in the implementation of two of the LIFE project (LIFE13NAT / HU / 000388 and LIFE14NAT / HR / 000,115), director of the Public Institution Tatjana Arnold Sabo, had the honor to present the project Transboundary cooperation for revitalization of riverine habitat complex in Drava region within Natura 2000 sites, acronym: Old Drava.