The field works finished at Old-Drava

08. 02. 2019
Visible elements of the structure consist of quarrystone placed in wire mesh, walking surface leading to the closing structure were constructed from water resistant locust and oak. Firstly, construction of the bottom weir had been finished, thereafter landscaping work of the right bank next to Croatia and the dyke was finalized. On the right (Croatian) bank of the Fekete creek building of a low dyke was finished. This will prevent the waterflow to bypass the structure by higher water levels. Thereafter, splitting of the temporary closing of the channel became possible, so the water could flow partially through the completed structure in direction of River Drava. Inbetween from downstream, construction of a fish passage started as well, first digging of the channel, then stabilization with riprap were carried out. After finishing the fish passage the whole discharge could flow through it and the weir, so the closing of the temporary channel used for dewatering of the construction area became possible. In the last working phase the height of the road on the
left bank was finalised and the construction area was cleared from building materials. In accordance with the plans three gauges were built-in, which serves as a monitoring tool of the water levels flowing through the bottom weir and the fish passage.